Mastering Skincare Layering for Your Clean Girl Aesthetic

Mastering Skincare Layering for Your Clean Girl Aesthetic

All over TikTok and Instagram, achieving the "clean girl aesthetic" is the new trend. It's about that effortlessly radiant, dewy skin that looks like you've just stepped out of a skincare commercial.

But how do you get that glow? The secret lies in mastering the art of skincare layering. Here's a simple guide to help you achieve that dewy, glazed donut look without all the complexity.

Start with the Basics:

First things first, cleanse and tone your skin to create a clean canvas. This removes dirt and oil, preparing the stage for the rest of your routine.

Build Your Pyramid:

Think of your skincare routine as a pyramid. At the base are your foundational steps – cleansing and toning. Next up, add some treatments like serums and essences. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid for hydration and vitamin C for brightness.

And if you want that sun-kissed glow, try the HYALURONIC SELF TANNING SERUM. A hydrating and gradual self tanning serum formulated for daily use.

After treatments, it's time for moisturizers and oils. These lock in moisture and give your skin that dewy finish. Choose lightweight formulas that won't feel heavy on your skin.

Finally, don't forget sunscreen. It's crucial for protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays while keeping your glow intact.

Specialty Products for Extra Shine:

To take your glow to the next level, consider adding specialty products like :

  • The BRONZING GLOW DROPS, a lightweight formula is designed to help achieve that no-makeup makeup glow within a few drops. Infused with a concentrated blend of squalane, ginger, lavender and moringa to brighten, hydrate and soften your skin.
  • The MATTE BRONZING POWDER, a long-wear matte bronzer that instantly gives the skin the look of a natural tan. Enriched with jojoba, mango and papaya extract to provide a healthy glow.
  • The BODY SHIMMER, a glittery, silky and gold body highlighter, enriched with Aloe Vera, avocado oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E to boost your glow. 

These products make your skin look sun-kissed, hydrated, and balanced, perfect for achieving a dewy complexion that's Instagram-ready.

matte bronzing powder


Tips for Success:

  • Patch Test: Always patch test new products to avoid any unwanted reactions.
  • Stay Consistent: Stick to your routine to see results. Consistency is key.
  • Listen to Your Skin: Pay attention to how your skin reacts to different products and adjust accordingly.
  • Embrace the Glow: Embrace the dewy, glowy skin trend by choosing products that enhance your natural radiance.


Achieving the clean girl aesthetic is all about mastering your skincare routine. With a simple routine and the right products, you can achieve that dewy, glazed donut look. So go ahead, get glowing, and let your skin shine!