How to Extend the Life of your Tan

How to Extend the Life of your Tan
Picture this: you've just spent hours carefully applying self-tanner, achieving that perfect sun-kissed glow. But as the days pass, so does your radiant tan, leaving you longing for that bronzed life. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can extend the life of your self-tan and keep that golden colour glowing for days on end.


Shaving: A Smooth Operator

Shaving isn't just about bare skin; it's a crucial part of tan maintenance. But here's the twist: too much shaving can erase your tan earlier than expected. Find the sweet spot with gentle exfoliation pre-tan. Smooth skin means less shaving and more tan preservation. Reach for a sharp razor and hydrating cream to keep irritation in check.

Exfoliation: Your Tan's BFF

Think of exfoliating your skin as the ultimate prep session for your tan journey. It's like giving your skin a fresh start before diving into that self-tanning adventure. But remember, less is more when it comes to anything. Don't scrub too hard and risk losing your luminous glow! Understanding your skin type can also help tailor your exfoliation routine for maximum effectiveness.


Moisturizing: Locking in the Glow

Moisturizing is perhaps the most crucial step in extending the life of your self-tan. Hydrated skin holds onto colour like a pro, ensuring a fade that's as smooth as silk. After showering or exfoliating, slather on Nuda Body Cream, paying extra attention to those parched patches. And for an extra dose of radiance, consider Nuda Body Shimmer for continuous tan enhancement.

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Shower Time: The Perfect Rhythm

Hot showers may be tempting, but they're no friend to your tan. Hot water spells trouble, stripping away your tan faster than you can say "bronze goddess." Opt for lukewarm showers and keep them brief. Avoid harsh soaps and rough scrubs that sabotage your glow. After your shower, gently pat your skin dry for a flawless finish ( DON'T rub ) !

Maintaining a flawless fake tan doesn't have to be a challenge. By incorporating these simple tips into your routine, you can extend the life of your tan and enjoy that sun-kissed glow for days on end.