How to Achieve a Golden Tan With NUDA Body Shimmer

How to Achieve a Golden Tan With NUDA Body Shimmer
Have you ever noticed this girl with her perfect gold finish tan and wondered how this was achievable? Search no more, it’s quite simple.
First of all, remember that at NUDA, we don’t recommend sun tanning. To learn more about our tips on how to achieve a perfect self tan, refer to our other blog post 5 Best Tips For A Perfect Tan.

Now that you are back here, the secret is not out! You want a golden tan? Use a body illuminator for the perfect final touch for your sun-kissed body and skin tone.  
It’s nothing new, our Body Shimmer is one of our best sellers and has been covered by so many media, people love it for its gel/cream texture with no transfers! Tired of your regular body shimmer that feels greasy on your skin? Break up NOW! 
But why are we so confident in our Body Shimmer? Here’s why!
Skin Loving Ingredients

Yes, that’s right, NUDA's Body Shimmer is filled with key ingredients that are good for your skin such as Aloe Vera, avocado oil, grape seed oil, and vitamin E. Your skin will not only be glowy and beautiful but also nourished and hydrated
Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Yes, that’s a no-brainer for NUDA, like all our products, this one is also vegan and cruelty-free! And we never want to compromise that part! Plant-based formulas should be the only ones allowed if you want our opinion!
Made without ingredients we hate

We still don’t understand why nowadays, sulfate, parabens, and mineral oil are used in skincare. We hate it and we don’t want it! Remember to always watch the ingredient list before choosing a product!
We often hear our customers tell us that they don’t like shimmer oils, glow body oils or body luminizers (call it how you want!) because they are most of the time sticky and they transfer on clothing. Yep, not so fun, right? We are proud we succeeded in offering a non-sticky, fast-drying body highlighter to keep your sparkle and glow without compromise
Discover our Body Shimmer here.

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