How to Make Your Fake Tan Last Longer

You already know things about self tanning, you enjoy it, but would love to become quite the expert. All you need to know will be explained here!
Comment garder son faux bronzage plus longtemps!

You already know things about self tanning, you enjoy it, but would love to become quite the expert. All you need to know will be explained here! Bronze skin without the sun has become the next best thing, and here are the main actions to avoid patchy tan and enjoy your fake tan longer. 


We never know enough that preparation is the key to your success. For long-lasting results, you will need a clean and clear skin. You need to make sure you remove all hair and dead skin cells; shave and exfoliate (always in that order). For the perfect exfoliation, allow yourself to relax for 10 to 15 minutes in a bath then proceed with your shaving and your scrubbing. Use a good Body Exfoliant to remove the dead skin cells to avoid patchy results, self tanner will develop more on dry skin, get those dead cells out for an even tan. 

This step should be done 24 hours before your application, why that long you will say? Well, 24 hours will allow your skin to regenerate and your pores to close after that long relaxing bath or shower. Otherwise, your self tanner may enter your pores and cause darker dots on your skin, no one wants that, right!


Using the right tools can make the biggest difference, make sure you use an application mitt that allows an even application. Make sure you go step by step, one step at a time. Start by applying moisturizer on dry areas, such as knees, elbows, hands, feet, etc. Apply from your legs to your head. We recommend applying our Self Tanning Mousse with our Tanning Mitt that will allow you a nice bronze finish.

Psst. For the best-looking face result we recommend our Face Tan Water, it is the easiest product to apply on your face as you only need to spray. It allows a buildable tan and provides a streak free and natural-looking tan without having to stain your hands or apply it with cotton pads.


After your first shower, moisturize your skin a lot. Dry skin is dead skin! The more dead skin you have the more it comes off flaky and your tan will start fading faster. Moisturize that skin every day babe and keep drinking water for a plump and luminous skin. We recommend our Body Cream infused with Shea butter, avocado oil, Aloe Vera and vitamin E to leave the skin soft, smooth and nourished.


Stay far away from anything that contains sulfate, parabens and alcohol, like those highly scented body wash and body cream. Make sure you use clean products, our Body Wash is free of all those harsh ingredients that can make your fake tan fade quickly. 

Going on vacation? No problem! Protect yourself from UV rays with SPF at all times and stay away from pools and spas, those waters are full of chemicals that will rip your tan off, prioritize quick swimming in natural water. 

With all those tips you will be the Queen of fake tanning in no time!

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